How we feel in hospital can affect us for life

There is growing recognition of the value and impact of the environment, of design and the arts, on health and wellbeing.

How we feel in hospitals can affect us for life.

Art and design might not be first-line treatments, but their presence in caring spaces can have a bearing on long-term health outcomes. Artwork is often a crucial point of memory – and it really matters if you can take positive memories along with you from a hospital visit.

Inspired by environmental psychology, architecture and interior design, we believe that good art and design in caring spaces shouldn’t be aspirational or decorative but part of the furniture, as integral to a hospital as the brickwork. Aesthetics empathise, they calm, they trigger memories and start conversations, not just among patients and their parents but with clinicians, too.

Through our work on numerous NHS environment design projects, we have create our own artistic solutions or equally can worked with artists to help take and design their work ‘into’ these environments. We have acted as creative directors, commissioning artists for specific projects and have worked with patients running workshops and focus groups, taking user generated art into clinical spaces as well.

Sable&Hawkes are unique in this area.

We are not only creative designers and illustrators in our own right, but combine this with over 20 years technical experience project managing all aspects of hospital environment design. From the brief, and creative solution, to the production and supplier management and installation of these NHS environment projects.

From the initial set up, to running the focus groups, deliver the creative, produce the works and managing the install – Sable&Hawkes offer a total hospital environment design service.