Sable&Hawkes are an exceptional (and humble) graphic design agency. We're honest, reliable and decent. Occasionally funny. With an empathetic ear, a meticulous eye for detail and a black belt in coffee making. We'll always be upfront with you about your project and our fees, we’ll hit every deadline we schedule, every budget we quote and promise never to charge more than you have agreed to pay.
Our approach:


// Branding services
// Graphic design services
// Website services
// Copywriting services
Our services:
/ Brand audit & growth strategy
/ Competitive positioning
/ Purpose, vision and values
/ Visual identity systems & guidelines
/ Logos, icons & word marks
/ Corporate & product literature
/ Digital design & build
/ Copy writing & tone of voice
/ Environment graphics & wayfinding
/ Signage & exhibitions
/ Digital illustration & infographics
Sable&Hawkes: Branding in Cambridge
Branding has never been more important, but what it is and what it needs to do has changed dramatically. What used to be and exercise in creating ‘different’ in a world of plenty is now an exercise in staying ‘relevant’ in a world of constant change. That is our job. To help our clients understand what their brand stands for, what it stands against, why that matters, and where it should go next. Sable&Hawkes – a brand agency for Cambridge that delivers intelligent and experienced strategy and creative, getting our clients where they need to be.
Sable&Hawkes: Graphic design in Cambridge
Having spent the best part of 30 years in graphic design forgive us if we start with a piece of advice. Start each design project with the assumption that no one is listening. As a graphic design agency our role, and the core function of commercial graphic design is to problem-solve this very modern challenge by helping brands, products and people stand out from all the noise, attract attention, create distinction, retain interest and build meaningful connections with staff, customers, prospects and potential recruits.