Consumers today have too many choices and too little time. Most products have become indistinguishable with all too similar qualities and features, and as human beings, we base our buying choices on laziness, habit and a desire to trust.
Which all adds up to a whole heap of hooey for us brand and marketing managers; but is also the reason why branding is the most important strategic marketing tool since the spreadsheet. Why? Because successful brands are those for which your customers believe there is no substitute.
Branding cuts through the morass of offers and noise in a way that builds bonds with your customers like no other marketing activity can. The result; they understand who you are and have complete trust in what you can do for them. In short, and in their minds and hearts, you become their automatic choice.
That is our offer. And this is how we do it.
1 Study competition and market to define brand USP
2 Determine corporate personality and purpose
3 Write brand statement – mission/vision/values/purpose
4 And from it a that single strong idea or ‘brand’ position
5 Write audience specific messages from the ‘big idea’
6 Design visual identity to carry new brand and positioning