Design for hospital environments

Hospital design and the healing environment

(image taken from Sable and Hawkes lates hospital healing environment arts project on press pre install)

As attitudes toward health and wellbeing have shifted, today, when patients arrive they now expect more than just treatment. This has had a knock on effect on the role and mission of hospitals as well as their design, layout and wayfinding.

The major move is now the intent and advancement of designing healing environments that support a patient’s process of recovery. This idea, this more holistic approach to treatment and through it wellbeing is what we mean by the healing environment – an environment that puts the patient at the center of hospital and health design.

To this end, in addition to patients’ clinical needs, their psychological and mental needs must also be taken into consideration in the design process.

Sable and Hawkes are unique in this area. We are creative designers, art directors and illustrators in our own right, designing into the healing environment, but also, we combine this with over 20yrs technical experience project managing all aspects of the brief, creative solution, production and install of these NHS environment projects. We run the focus groups, deliver the creative, produce the works and manage the install.