Using the power of the visual

Making the complex simple, the mundane, memorable.

In a world where attention spans mirror that of a goldfish, how can you grab someone’s attention to get your information across?

Icons, illustrations and infographics are a striking and creative way to explain and summarise data and share information in a compelling, clear and engaging way with content consumers. They can tell a story, educate, inform and captivate in a way words alone fail to accomplish.

Technically they are “graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to visually present information quickly and clearly” which is precisely why they are so common and popular within content marketing.

Sable&Hawkes are experts in icon design, corporate and scientific infographics and technical illustrations, whether to explain products, systems or processes, our in-house team translates complex or routine concepts into stunning, easy-to-understand visual assets.

The work we do consistently helps our clients explain and promote their products, their science and their businesses through:
> Designed charts, and models
> Shareable and interactive infographics
> Product illustrations and process diagrams,
> Professionally designed presentations and bid proposals
> 2D animation.