New NHS donor art installation

Working in partnership with the Albers Foundation and the Imperial Health Charity arts team Sable&Hawkes have completed a project to apply the work of the artists Josef and Anni Albers to the new St Mary’s pediatric intensive care unit (PICU).

The final stage of the project saw the design and installation of a set of acryllic donor plaques.

The project has been very well received, with the Albers foundation calling it an ‘inspirational template for how artists’ legacies can live on’ and a case study of the work has been passed to the foundations looking after the legacies of other artists including Joan Miró, Henri Matisse and Charles and Ray Eames.

Our client Lucy Zacaria, Head of Arts at Imperial Health Charity Said: We (Imperial Health Charity) are delighted to have installed these beautiful ‘Josef Albers inspired’ donor boards in our Children’s Intensive Care Unit. Sable & Hawks, the lead designers, have consistently delivered on this unique project, creatively bringing the artworks of Josef and Anni Albers into the space.

Creative designers, art directors and illustrators in our own right, Sable can combine this with over 20yrs technical experience working with NHS development and arts teams, project managing all aspects of the brief, production and installation of these NHS environment projects.

Sable&Hawkes are the complete NHS Arts for Environment Design Service