Sable&Hawkes deliver campaign graphics and new product illustrations for global biotech

Sable&Hawkes have delivered product and marketing illustrations, icons and infographics for global biopharma and life sciences company Sartorius. 

For our scientific clients, the challenge of making the complex simple and easy to understand and therefore to be convinced by and act upon, is a constant challenge. Sable&Hawkes have been working with the healthcare and life sciences sector for nearly 20 years and it is that experience and our ability to understand the complex and then communicate it in such a distinctive, clear and accessble way that has proven invaluable to our clients.

Our in-house team translates scientific concepts into stunning, easy-to-understand visual assets; helping our clients explain and promote their science and their businesses, secure start-up funding, create truly distinctive websites and proposals and recruit the best possible staff. These skills were brought to bear on our latest projects with Sartorius, creating a range of new product illustrations and and a complete campaign for their new chromatography offering.

Ben Smith, Creative Director at Sable, said: “‘If instructions are complex, people will resist the effort to follow them—or fail to accomplish the task your science is designed to assist them with. The Design function in this case isn’t about style it is about conciseness and clarity: making the complex simple, making the obscure, clear. In practical terms this means form follows function and avoiding the excesses of style over content. Whether we are explaing a process, a function or outcome our challenge is to get our clients technologies across in the most engaging, accurate and articulate way we can.’

We do this by delivering a wide range of content creation services, from compelling images, charts, and models, product illustrations, infographics and process diagrams, presentations, shareable infographics, education diagrams, professionally designed bid proposals, marketing literature and 2D animations.


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