Sable commissioned for flagship magazine

Used to engage, inform and develop relationships with current and prospective clients Private Affairs reflects both the sector leading expertise and experience of the firm and its distinctive and (for such a traditional market) innovative visual identity. 

Magazines are to the modern market an interesting mix of the old and new. They are of a traditional medium, print, which still has that appeal of the physical, of a moment of interaction with something tangible and not simply with a digital screen. And in their content, they are still that something more that in one can capture ideas, opinions, experiences and expertise that reflect on the here and now and but can also advise and influence the future. Private Affairs is a thought leading peice for private M&R clients that achieves all these things. 

When you open up a magazine, everything is static, juxtaposing modern-day life, which is constantly moving. With our design for Private Affairs we are through content and illustration capturing elements of real-life and pausing them for our readers, creating a sense of stillness that allows them to pause, think, and consider the opinions and advice they are being given.

To do this, Sable&Hawkes work closely with the editorial team to ensure that all the design elements, typography, illustration and graphics work in sync with the specialist contributors at M&R.


Branding | Design | Digital | Content | Social 

Based in Cambridge, Sable&Hawkes help organisations stand out, grow audiences and drive results across multiple channels through inspired content and creative.

Our services:
/ Brand proposition, positioning and identity
/ Graphic design, creative concepts and campaigns
/ Marketing strategy and lead generation
/ Content production for digital and social campaigns
/ Copywriting for business and social media
/ Website UX and UI design
/ Environment design and events

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