Patagonia. Ikea. Ben&Jerrys. The common thread?

A: They’ve all worked out a reason for existing that they share with their customers

Patagonia’s mission statement is: “Patagonia is in business to save our home planet.”

Ben & Jerry’s social mission compels them to use their company in innovative ways to make the world a better place.

With projects like H22 IKEA has been shifting its business strategy to fit its long-term commitments to sustainability.

In each case, these major corporates have gone to great lengths to convey they why behind their brands.

Why? Because ‘Why’ appeals to people’s gut, the part of them that identifies you as friend or foe before they’ve even had a chance to think about it. Your Why puts you firmly into a potential customers tribe or firmly outside it. 

If you and your customers share a Why they’ll buy everything they can from you. If you don’t, they’ll soon find somebody else to do business with.

That’s why.

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