Graphic design

Do you want to know what we think good graphic design is? Well here goes.

A good graphic design agency should be able to understand how the relevant people think and feel, to understand quickly the benefits of what it is they are design for, functionality, aesthetics, what it does and why that is good. And only then, communicate all that needs to be said in the most clearest, most compelling and intelligent way possible.

That is what we call good graphic design.

As well as delivering the ‘creative’, the way that we work will always deliver value, be that structural, technical or strategic. We will improve not only your brand, image, content and tone of voice but we can help educate the way your creative is … well created. How to get the best from your resources and your internal structures and how best to plan, test and validate what you do as a business or marketing department.

Here are our four simple measures for good design practice:

  1. Good graphic design must be relevant and practical. Eye-catching, of course but ultimately good design is something simple and useful. Bad design never addresses the problem it is trying to solve.
  2. Designing without an idea is like advertising without a message, you can end up with something pretty but relying on the cosmetic is an exeperience that can become hollow very quickly. Think well first.
  3. Good design should always try to provide solutions that communicate with people on a emotional level; ensuring the message is personal enough to achieve a measure of meaningful engagement.
  4. It will always be part of our job to challenge your brief when we think it appropriate, look at project from our desk not yours, and always retain that implied permission to ask ‘yes that’s fine dear client but what if …?’