Issue 3

Marketing is a numbers game: and you are losing
Is your life governed by ROI? And the marketing KPIs? Oh, and the ever so important NPS? And any other number of metrics (and combinations of initials) instantly supplied by your digital dashboard or from hours of tedious number crunching?
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How to build your own stunning website today!
It's never been easier to set up a professional-looking website without any Photoshop or coding experience. Well-known site builders like Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix are constantly improving, and newer entrants like Simvoly …
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8 simple tips to build a better business
Every new business is a journey. But to arrive, you need to know where you’re going. Never discount the value of a clear, concise and measurable business development strategy here’s our simple guide for the rules you’ll need to build a better business strategy …
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How to plan a marketing communications project
Organisational goals serve basic managerial functions in any business: they help evaluate and control performance; they inform and guide decision making; and they provide us with the metrics to compare performance with objectives …
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How modern branding uses belief systems
Given how difficult it has become to generate a sustainable competitive advantage through product development or innovation alone, it’s no surprise that branding has evolved from positioning features and benefits to creating value and loyalty …
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A Q&A with your brand
It’s time to pour yourself a coffee, break out the custard creams and have a conversation with your brand. This is our guide to the key questions you should be asking and a few common-sense opinions on the suggestions for building a better brand.
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