8 simple tips to building a better business


Every new business is a journey. But to arrive, you need to know where you’re going

Never discount the value of a clear, concise and measurable business development strategy


In the first year of any business, the key if you want to get to a second lies in how you look after your newly won customers.

They are your route to sustainable growth and as advocates, the best tool in your marketing armoury


The biggest source of capital in any business is time. 


One of the common questions asked of us is “so what does your business do?”.

And if you’re still talking after 30 seconds then your customer will be drifting ever so quietly away.

Every business needs a 1 line answer to what it does.


Regularly use customer feedback surveys to understand what your customers like and don’t like. And make sure that everyone in your business reads the best and worst customer feedback.


Focus your internal communications around showing the connection between what people do and what that means for your customers.


Always, and forever, place service and the the customer experience 


Culture and profit are linked. No, they really are. Happy people make a happy business, a stable business and a business most likely to pull together in the good times, or bad.