OK smarty, so what makes a strong brand then?

Strong brands:

Drive shareholder value

Unite organisations – from the boardrooms that lead and set the agenda to the shop floors that believe, build and support

Are valued in financial terms and must live on the asset side of the balance sheet

Are one of the key contributors to the financial security of the organisation – strong brands create security through consistent and reliable customer demand  

And as such strong brands are also a key collateral for securing investment and a key asset in the overall value of a business

Customers are willing to pay a substantial and consistent price-premium for versus a competing products and services

Customers associate themselves emotionally with brands which again creates a level of customer loyalty unmatched by mere attributes or price comparisons

Product and portfolio extension is less risky and more efficient to execute when working off the value of a strong brand.

And a recognised and established marque (logo) and brand identity is an incredibly valuable shorthand asset for all your marketing communications.