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One nil to the Arsenal: building customer loyalty
From the ripe old age of five, my niece supported Arsenal. She wouldn’t go anywhere without her red scarf, slept in her number ten shirt and hogged the sofa with her dad when ‘the match’ was on. It was her life and has become a life-long infatuation.
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Frothing Sumatra: Starbucks, positioning and the big idea
On the high street today there is an excellent example of how a single strong, ‘big’ idea, can create a truly powerful brand. And it’s Starbucks, the brand that’s changed the way the world drinks coffee. Originally a single coffee store in Seattle’s …
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Write your own brand statement in 60 mins
We’ve read a lot about brands and branding. Attended countless seminars, run many, written blogs, read countless more and helped many clients start, evolve or reboot them. And the more we work with brands, the more we appreciate just how complex they are.
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Logo love; what makes a great logo?
With so much marketing noise being pushed at us through ever more diverse and personal channels, logo’s are more than ever being challenged to work harder and quicker on our behalf. Which makes them really hard to get right. Here are some examples of some great logos:
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The art of good copywriting; a quick and simple guide
Good copywriters are, and always will be vital to the business of design, marketing and communication. So what makes good copy? Well, we think, in summary, you should always try and write as you speak, naturally, be clean, crisp, concise and impactful.
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Can I have that as a JPG? A guide to graphic formats
As a design studio we frequently get asked by clients ‘can I have that as a jpg?’ or ‘why can’t I open this eps?’. We’re talking file formats here, perhaps not the most creative or indeed stimulating of design topics but still one of the most common …
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