A quick guide to good business copy writing

Good copywriters are, and always will be vital to the business of design, marketing and communication. So what makes good copy? Well, we think, in summary, you should always try and write as you speak, naturally, be clean, crisp, concise and impactful. 

But however lovely the illustration is, that doesn’t really justify an article on copy-writing does it, so here are a few tips from our in-house writer:

– know your audience
– know your product cold
– craft the offer
– re-craft the offer and lose 20% of the words
– research
– nail the headline
– research more
– write plainly, in the language of your audience
– write fascinating bullets, ahem, and never more than six
– always include a strong call to action. 

These elements are our standard for good copy. And for good reason – they get the job done. 

And to finish, the mother, and father of all copywriting rules: every sentence you write must make your reader want to read the next sentence you write. A great headline is followed by a single compelling sentence that engages the reader’s interest. And then another, followed by another, and another, and so on. Pulling the reader right through your page, story, bullets, and calls to action. 

It’s that simple. And it’s that difficult. And the magic is always in the line. 

This is the art of good copywriting.