Issue 2

Ordering a curry was the best branding lesson I've had
I write a lot on brands, I work with them and I advise clients on how to manage them. And I spend a lot of time convincing clients that whether they believe me or not, they have a brand. However small a business, however sceptical an individual …
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How to run an effective communications audit
A Communications Audit is a systematic research method to identify the strengths and weaknesses of current internal and external communications activities. Done well it can be a sound record of past activity, a snapshot of current practice and a road map..
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It’s better to be meaningful than the best
“So why should I buy this?” It’s a fairly basic question isn’t it, one that should invite no hesitation from sales or marketing. And it’s a question we ask often, especially to new clients. And more times than I care to remember there is still a tendency for …
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A design company on how to write a creative brief
It’s a fact that creative projects are by their nature evolutionary, what you start with may change and develop and to optimise the creative outcome you may move into areas that cannot be anticipated at the beginning of the process. And by being …
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First Direct: Managing your brand through its conversations
Brands only truly thrive over the long term if they represent a great product or service. Ultimately that is the only true constant in a brands life. But just consider the conversations that go on every day in and around a business – between employees
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What is good graphic design
Graphic design – we actually call it communication design, is the act of conveying information, ideas or beliefs from point A sender, to point B, audience, via many different media; using words, sounds and images and the black box we call …
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