Issue 4

How to write a great strapline: a simple guide
The best straplines become part of our everyday vernacular. They evoke strong feelings of nostalgia, make us laugh, challenge our beliefs and can even make us feel uncomfortable. And yes, they can do wonders for our profile, businesses and brands.
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Design and the free creative pitch – an agency view
According to a 2017 survey of over 450 design buyers*, while nearly 90% of buyers saw design as key to a brand’s success and regard the quality of UK design as ‘very high’, almost 70 per cent say they would not expect to pay for a creative pitch.
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A client guide to fonts and font usage
Every time you send an email, post a blog, order a business card, advert or brochure, or edit or commission a website, you will have chosen a typeface and used a font. In this article, we will consider some ‘things font’: like what fonts are, where they come …
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Marketers; your profession needs you!
I worry about my profession. I worry that we are on a slippery slope to irrelevance. That sounds a bit dramatic, so let me clarify. Marketing has always struggled to be taken seriously by the other parts of the business, ‘It’s all expenditure and no results’, or …
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The role of emotion in buyer decisions
By the time we reach 30, it’s been reasoned we have seen close to two million commercials – is it any wonder they all just seem to blend into one, and we become unable, and subconsciously unwilling, to differentiate one ad from another.
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In the age of social are the 4Ps still useful?
When I studied for my marketing MA, the discipline was grounded in the ‘4Ps’, Porter's five forces and Kotler. Marketing got the phone to ring and sales picked up the receiver. Our biggest concern was not so much what our customers wanted to hear …
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