Issue 5

3 Very Simple Reasons Why Branding is Worth It
People often ask me what the point is of branding, why all the fuss and investment in time, resources and column inches in all those damn marketing gazettes. My answer is really quite simple; branding that works will become your greatest advocate and most valuable and effective sales tool.
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The psychology of logo shapes: a designers guide
A logo is the most visible and instant aspect of your branding. From the high street to high finance all those prominent shapes and combinations we see are never, ever developed by chance and in this article we will look particularly at the informed use of shapes in the development of our brand icons.
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Successful marketing is about asking the right questions
Often it’s not coming up with the right answers that make the difference but asking the right questions. So here are a few suggestions to get those creative marketing juices flowing. Just add a flat white and a pastry and have a go and lets get the conversation going and keep it going.
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Why brands are moving beyond CSR
CSR has expanded over the last twenty years. Some chemical and tobacco companies were producing reports in the late 1980’s as an attempt to manage significant reputational issues but it really came to prominence in the 1990s when I first came across CSR via annual report design and production.
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In praise of Polaroid: a study in portfolio extension
We were always quoted in Marketing College the classic NPD examples of Polaroid and of course Kodak and their ‘well we did not see that coming’ approach to the march of digital. In fact I remember reading an article in the Independent way back in 2012 titled ‘The moment it all went wrong’ …
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How to write a campaign brief: a marketers guide
As a grizzled old veteran I often find myself despairing of what marketing entails these days… I know time for the slippers granddad…but before you stop reading, I promise you I won’t be advocating for the good old days of ad bromides, lino type and colour separations, like some …
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