Successful marketing is about asking the right questions

Successful marketing often comes down to asking the right questions before you’ve even lifted a pen or mouse in anger.

Here are a fewsuggestions to get those creative marketing juices flowing.

Just add a flat white and a pastry and have a go. Get the conversation going and keep it going. And then our advice would be take and talk it through, with your boss, your team, the company, go sideways up, and down, your suppliers, clients and the office next door, and well, just see what comes out the other end. 


What defines them? 
Why would they not buy from you?
Who else can you sell to?


If you are not unique, what is your edge? 
How are you getting this across?
Could you do it clearer or more creatively?


Is it relevant to your sector? 
If it is, how well is your brand doing?
Is there a view of you that you could change to move you forward?


Describe your marketing communications activity
Why are you doing it this way?
Now come up with 3 ways to make it better


What’s the next trend or themes you can jump on?
What’s the competition doing?
Where will the next opportunity come from?


Does the company know what you do and why?
What 3 things will help make marketing more useful to the business?
Who is the next person you’ll call with a good idea?